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Park Map


Why visit the park?


  • 33-acre International Sculpture Park

  • A fully restored brownfield with a growing Commemorative Forest

  • Located on the southside of Chattanooga

  • Currently featuring over 40 large-scale world class sculptures

  • Cultural tourism attraction

  • Outdoor art museum

  • Sprawling walking paths for outdoor recreation

  • Free Parking

  • Dog-friendly for responsible pet owners

  • A public-private partnership between the City of Chattanooga and 501c3 Sculpture Fields at Montague Park

1Watcher with Red ShoesJim Collins
2Some Waves Spark StoneRoger Colombik
3DukeJohn Clement
4OneGeorge Schroeder
5Star CenterLinda Howard
7Red AlertGary Kulak
8Keystone of SpaceCarl Billingsley
9H1540Claus Moor
10In Harmony - Earth, Water, Fire, WindHanna Jubran
11SwizzleMarc diSuvero
12Dragon FlyLyman Kipp
13HulettelujahBarry Hehemann
14Bench 9Barry Hehemann
15OdysseyRay Katz
16Granite WindowsJesús Moroles
17ProgressionAlbert Paley
18King of FlyingKlaus Albert
19HugoLyman Kipp
20Captain Merkel's Ramming DragonVerina Baxter
21The Least Amount of SpaceJason Kimes
22Gezentien VIJan Meyer-Rogge
23Peace UpBret Price
24StreemersRuth Migdal
25Think BigJane Manus
26ComposerHeinz Aeschlimann
28AnchorsPeter Lundberg
29Failure To CommunicateJohn Petrey
30ChartresMark Shumake
31Temple MayanLinda Howard
32Betty Davis EyesJohn Henry
33River City QueenDoug Schatz
34WedgedRoger Halligan
35Waltz OnMichael Hall
36Red TreeRuth Migdal
37Scetch IIKlaus Duschat
38BenchJohn Henry
39MariposaBrian Rasmussen
40Callaid IarunnGeorge Beasley
41OctetLin Emery
42* Running By The NumbersJohn Clement
43* Star PetalLinda Howard