John Henry


The Founder

John Henry is an internationally-renowned contemporary sculptor whose work can be found in museums, parks and cities around the world. Art lovers from all corners of the earth recognize his trademark, gravity-defying monumental-sized sculptures forged in steel. 

For more than five decades, John has worked around the world, creating pieces that range from tabletop-size to towering, skyscraper proportions. 

John and his wife Pamela moved to Chattanooga in 2000 to a building that overlooked a 42-acre brownfield that once was the beautiful and pristine Montague Park. John saw something more on this abandoned parcel of land than met the eye. 

As an expert at turning big ideas into reality, John envisioned a park filled with works of art from artists around the globe. Along with a team formed from both public and private sectors, he led a grassroots effort in 2006 to develop an international sculpture park.

Since its reopening in 2016 Sculpture Fields at Montague Park has become one of Chattanooga’s premier tourist destinations. People from all over the world visit the park, the largest in the Southeast.