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To create and maintain a sculpture park in Chattanooga, Tennessee, of the highest quality, international scope and of lasting value and benefit to the City and the region. To establish programming, benefitting the local, regional arts establishment as well as the education community at all levels and the citizenry at large.


In 1911 Mrs. Mary Thayer Montague, widow of T.G. Montague, donated 49 acres of pristine land to be used as a park to the City of Chattanooga.  

During the 1940s the park was misused as a construction landfill, and in later years it was used for various recreational activities including kite competitions, motocross racing and softball tournaments. The park was shut down in 2003 due to environmental concerns. It had become a brownsfield.

The idea of a sculpture park was envisioned in 2006, and a grassroots effort led by internationally renowned sculptor John Henry (link to founder section) kicked off. In 2012 Sculpture Fields received its 501c3 non-profit determination and a 40-year lease was signed with City of Chattanooga to develop Sculpture Fields on 33 acres of Montague Park. 

Since its reopening in 2016, Sculpture Fields has become the largest sculpture park in the Southeast and one of a Chattanooga’s premier tourist destinations. The park brings an international flair to a city already known as a bastion of appreciation for pivotal local and national historic and cultural events. Sculpture Fields adds to the legacy of our City’s forward-thinking pioneers that enhances the cultural life of the community.